Mylinex Call Completion Suite

Why Mylinex Call Completion Suite?

One of the most substantial areas of improvement in terms of monetization for network operators is that of incomplete calls. The Mylinex Call Completion Suite is a total solution that:

  • Enables operators to offer subscribers multiple options to complete missed or incomplete calls, thereby generating additional revenue that would otherwise be lost.

  • Increases subscriber satisfaction ratings.

  • Comes with a possible medium for advertisements, creating new revenue streams for operators.

Your subscribers will never have to miss another call again!

How It Works

There are numerous instances when subscribers cannot complete calls; insufficient credit, unreachable numbers, network disruptions, loss of coverage, dead phone battery, are only a few challenges we all face on a regular basis. The challenge for operators is to enable subscribers to complete this call at a later time. The Mylinex Call Completion Suite addresses this challenge through a modular architecture, giving operators the opportunity to customize their solutions by choosing the modules they require from the following:

1. Voice Mail Service (VMS)

The calling party can record a message for the receiving party if they are unavailable or unreachable at the time of the call, while also saving a recorded copy themselves. Once the recipient is available on the network, they will be notified of the details of the voice message that was addressed to them, via an SMS from the operator. The receiver can then dial a short code to retrieve the voice message, and return the phone call at their convenience.

2. Missed Call Alert (MCA)

If the recipient party is unavailable during a call, a record of the Caller ID, time of call and number of attempts will be saved, and sent to the recipient via SMS at the point they connect back to the network. Multiple missed calls by the same Caller ID will be aggregated to one SMS. This notification is sent via the Caller ID, making it easy for the recipient to call back depending on the requirement.

3. CallMe Service

Through this module, Mylinex enables operators to notify subscribers who were unavailable via their network of the list of calls they missed by SMS. The subscriber can then choose which calls to return based in importance and urgency. For the network to monetize the call opportunities with the calls that are not returned, an SMS will be sent to the original callers upon the recipient’s return, stating “The number you were trying to reach is now available, and can be contacted.”

4. Beep Call Service

Since the subscriber call return rate to missed call alerts is low, Mylinex offers another solution that increases the probability of returned calls. With the Beep Call Service, the operator network will ensure that the recipient sees an actual missed call on the call log even when the call does not go through. This service can be utilized when:

  • The recipient is completely unreachable, and is not connected to the network for the call to go through as a missed call

  • The caller has insufficient credit and the call fails to go through as a missed call

5. Sponsored Call

This option allows network operators to bring in sponsors on to their networks for advertising airtime, and will also offer subscribers a means of earning free airtime by listening to these advertisements. These advertisements can be played based on location, age and gender of customer the enables more targeted campaigns from sponsors, such as restaurants open for lunch, banks in the vicinity, etc. The sponsor is offered control over the number of times an advertisement is played to a single customer. Reports can be generated at the end of each campaign to see the effectiveness of the advertisements.

6. Receiver Party Pay

This module monetizes the instance where a caller runs out of credit, enabling the network operator to use the Receiver Party Pay(RPP) solution to allow the recipient to pay for the call, if the recipient too is a subscriber.


MCN & CallMe

  • SMS notifications from calling party CLI

  • SMS notification to calling party number

  • Beep call to called party

  • Self-care via USSD, IVR or SMS methods

  • APIs for CRM integration

  • Dynamic footer insertion

  • Inbuilt SMSC, USSD server, IVR server

  • Multipage SMS

  • Aggregation of multiple records into a single SMS


  • Self-care module

  • Personal greetings

  • Supports all call forwarding scenarios

  • Play back and edit option

  • Forward voice message to another party

  • SMS notifications

  • Retrieve already listened voice mails

Advoice & Beep

  • Campaign management

  • Location, age, ARPU and language based targeted campaigns

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Thresholds for gifts and free airtime

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