Mylinex Virtual Number

Why Mylinex Virtual Number?

Subscriber confidentiality is of utmost importance to operator networks, yet predominant among key concerns raised by subscribers is the privacy of their mobile number. Mylinex Virtual Number Solution is a service that:

  • Enables subscribers to activate another number on top of their existing number, assuring ultimate privacy. The virtual number can be used and shared for any business or authentication purpose, without the primary number being compromised.

  • Reduces operator supply chain costs since no additional SIM card is required. The number is attached to the primary SIM card purchased by the subscriber.

  • Increases efficiency by eliminating the process of visiting a service provider, registering and purchasing a new SIM.

How It Works

There are many occasions where subscribers face privacy issues when sharing their mobile numbers in public. With this solution, they are provided with a virtual number on top of their existing number, which require no additional SIM card. Subscribers themselves could activate this service by dialing an IVR or USSD code, and manage the number by themselves, including the termination of the virtual number, before the given expiry date.

Calls can be made from the virtual number by adding a operator defined prefix to the dialed number, which in return ensures that the Caller ID on the recipient’s mobile will be the caller’s virtual number. Other key features of the Mylinex Virtual Number includes:

  • Flexibility to maintain shared or separate payment methods for both numbers.

  • Effortless switching between the primary and virtual numbers by simply dialing a USSD code.

  • Scheduling the use of the virtual number during a set time period.

  • Swiftly changing the virtual number, in a matter of seconds.

  • Ability to maintain call/SMS screening lists.

  • Ability to be reassigned the last used virtual number within a certain period of time.


  • Flexible billing, charge from primary number/virtual number

  • White listing and black listing of numbers

  • Time based switch ON/OFF

  • Recycling of dormant virtual numbers

  • Automatic reallocation of recycled virtual numbers

  • Supports Diameter charging

  • Supports CDR file based billing

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