What is the Mylinex m-Agri?

Mylinex offers a comprehensive platform to digitalize the entire value chain of an agricultural industry in a country by providing effective, relevant and timely content through IVR, Mobile app and SMS channels.


Why consider a m-Agri Program?

  • Employs over 1.34 billion people globally. (from 39% in Sri Lanka to 64% in Malawi)

  • Major contributor to the GDP(from 11% in Sri Lanka to 48% in Myanmar)

  • Engage with rural customers more effectively. Next wave of mobile connections expected to come mainly from rural areas.

  • Entry point for operator’s mobile money platform for unbanked farmers.

  • Leverage the platform for IoT solutions in the future.

  • Significant brand visibility and loyalty.


How MNOs benefit?

MNOs can benefit both directly B2C charging and building a platform that other businesses can leverage, leading to B2B transactions as well as through greater customer loyalty.

Are you ready for a m-Agri solution?

We can help you with,

  • Initial user and product design research;

  • Value chain opportunity sizing and prioritization (e.g. opportunity in coffee versus dairy value chains);

  • Support with business case assessment;

  • Support with identifying and building the pipeline of potential agribusiness clients;

  • Support with the development  of a clear roadmap for service evolution;