Mylinex SMS Firewall

When the ease and speed of SMS messaging was exploited for advertising, subscribers faced a dilemma with too many promotional messages, as well as all types of SMS attacks.

Mylinex SMS Firewall
Get the full visibility of the
SMS coming into the network
moneyGenerate a new revenue stream
by monetizing A2P SMS
Detect and block fraudulent SMS

The Mylinex SMS Firewall is a scalable, flexible and powerful security solution that:

  • Identifies and secures the network against all types of SMS messaging attacks such as spamming, flooding, faking, spoofing and viruses in near real-time.
  • Monitors A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS traffic, enabling operator networks to generate additional revenue streams through careful monetization of cross-network promotional SMS messages.
  • Increases customer satisfaction through SMS filtering and blocking.
  • Increases efficiency of SMS messaging once again as a credible marketing channel by eliminating spam messages.
  • Enables uninterrupted SMS availability to VIP customers from trusted sources via whitelists, ensuring delivery of SMS messages regardless of applied blocking rules.
  • Generates comprehensive reports via reporting module, enabling networks to analyze SMS traffic and take proactive action.

How It Works

Subscriber bases are more often than not spoofed by malware and fraudulent SMS messages, in turn encouraging subscribers to call back premium-charge numbers, or sending unauthorized texts without the subscriber’s knowledge or consent. These attacks generate significant revenue streams for cybercriminal networks.

The Mylinex SMS Firewall identifies promotional or spam messages in near real-time, with a rule engine that applies advanced algorithms with any combination of the below parameters and wildcard configurations:

  •   Sender address

  •   Recipient MSISDN

  •   Sender address type (Alphanumeric)

  •   Sender center address

  •   Sender address in the SCCP layer

  •   Sender network or country

  •   A phrase in the content

  •   SMS class

  •   Malformed SMS

These identified messages are then blocked, controlled or screened as necessary, providing the operator network full control of SMS traffic.


  • Supports ss7/SIGTRAN and SMPP

  • Active / passive monitoring

  • SMS home routing

  • Time based policy

  • X-UDT support

  • Overload control

  • Rate control

  • Reporting & Admin module with a user-friendly GUI

  • SNMP monitoring

  • Rule based filtering engine (SCCP and MAP parameters)

  • HLR lookup blocking

  • Sneaky SRI

  • Sneaky Forward SM

  • Quarantine

  • Virtual IMSI

  • SIM box detection

  • White listing and black listing

  • Anti-spam module

  • Uninterrupted system bypass mechanism

  • Flooding detection and traffic volume thresholds

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