About Us

Established in 2011 with a resolve to revolutionize the telecommunications domain, Mylinex today has become a pioneer in telecommunications signaling solutions across the region.

What we considered an entrepreneurial venture at the start has snowballed into becoming a successful operation, with multinational telecommunication operators leveraging Mylinex products to maximize their network potential.

The key to this success has been our passion for innovation, mirrored onto our products, services and the very core of how we operate as a company. It is a trait that we pass on to our customers, encouraging innovation through the latest technologies and ideas, opening unexplored avenues of revenue generation.

“We offer a range of Value Added Services, Core Network Solutions, Location Based Services, Roaming Solutions and Corporate Solutions.”

The complete value cycle of each of our products from architecture to end-user experience is thoroughly researched and precisely designed using our expertise and deep understanding in the subject, for optimum customer advantage. All Mylinex products are future-proof and easily adaptable. We have partnered up with some of the most innovative companies from around the globe to ensure that our customers are offered the very best in products and services.

Customized product changes are provided when required to cater not only to the customer’s need, but also to the fast-changing requirements of the industry, creating the best commercial model for the combination of product, network and subscriber.

“We are focused on making our presence felt globally, and continue to innovate game-changing products to propel the telecommunications industry into the future.”

Our Customers and Partners