Monetization of 40% incomplete calls with Mylinex Call Completion Suite

etisalat-content-logoEtisalat Lanka, a fully owned subsidiary of the UAE based Emirates Telecommunication Corporation is one of 19 operations of the conglomerate, connected across 18 countries. It is also the first mobile telecommunications provider in Sri Lanka to celebrate 25 years of service excellence. As leaders in the domain of communication innovation, Etisalat believes in customer-centric value creation, and offers its users pioneering technologies and solutions. By 2011, Etisalat had grown into a 2.5 million subscriber network, and the operator had deployed Voice Mail Service (VMS) and Missed Call Alerts (MCA) for its entire user base.

Challenges Etisalat was looking to address:

  • 40% of calls made across the network are incomplete due to the unavailability of the receiver.
  • For such large amounts of traffic to be managed, the pre-existing MCA and VMS systems would require significant investment in hardware for expansion. This could also result in the instability of the entire Etisalat network.
  • The network’s pace of growth needed to be matched with the infrastructure requirement of the call completion services, but the existing Etisalat system infrastructure had no capacity, and was not scalable.
  • Etisalat was unable to  fully utilize the marketable space in the alert.

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