Mylinex USSD Gateway

Why Mylinex USSD Gateway?

Various types of services provided by network operators, especially menu-based information services, are accessed by subscribers by using Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). USSD allows more interactive communication between subscribers and network services (applications), and are more responsive than services that depend on SMS.

USSD can be applied without an Internet connection, and is therefore still supported by most mobile devices. That is why today, many third party service providers are seeking USSD as an access method to reach their customers. This opens up an entirely new revenue stream that can be utilized by network operators by deploying the Mylinex USSD Gateway solution, to:

  • Reduce operational overhead due to the ultra simple and flexible API-based application development module.

  • Integrate near real-time billing for services.

  • Offer an extremely appealing solution with highly practical features to third party service providers.

How It Works

The Mylinex USSD Gateway conceals the complexities at the network operator’s end to provide a very user-friendly and flexible Application Programming Interface (API) for third parties. This solution facilitates the application developer to carry-out the debugging themselves, increasing efficiency and application speed-to-market. The product is also compatible with all-IP architecture.

The Mylinex USSD Gateway supports:

  • Integration with billing systems via multiple protocols for online charging (CAMEL, DIAMETER, API, FILE-BASED)

  • Multilingual menus

  • Both network-initiated and user-initiated methods (methods for what exactly?)

  • Various traffic controlling mechanisms

  • SCCP routing mechanisms


  • Supports USSN, USSR & PSSR methods

  • Unicode support

  • MAP to VXML conversion

  • MAP to SMPP conversion

  • Supports HTTP and HTTPS

  • USSD parameter string support

  • USSD speed dialing

  • USSD menu aggregation

  • SCCP X-UDT support

  • GUI based debugging

  • White listing and black listing

  • Smart footer insertion

  • Service code aliasing

  • Integrate with CRM

  • USSD session resume

  • Charging integration

  • User profiling and behavior based profiling

  • USSD SCCP proxy

  • USSD string manipulation

  • Supports Diameter charging

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