Mylinex Content Delivery Platform

Why Mylinex Content Delivery Platform?

Content delivery platforms create a significant revenue stream for mobile network operators across the world. However, when it comes to managing SMS, USSD and IVR (Interactive voice response) platforms as different entities, network operators face efficiency and performance related challenges. The Mylinex Content Delivery Platform offers a converged solution that supports SMS, USSD and IVR media, enabling operators to:

  • Reduce operational overhead by managing a single platform for content delivery

  • Run cross-selling promotions across SMS, USSD and IVR media

  • Promote a single short-code for all content services

How It Works

The Mylinex Content Delivery Platform supports a range of static content services, dynamic content services such as news alerts, and quiz services. The solution is also equipped with the capability of creating and managing USSD management menus, through which users can subscribe or unsubscribe for content services.

The system is compatible with all-IP architecture as well as with TDM (time-division multiplexing) technology.

Mylinex Content Delivery Platform supports:

  • Simple and efficient management of IVR menus and services

  • Integration with billing systems via multiple protocols (CAMEL, DIAMETER, API, FILE-BASED)

  • Execution of outbound dialing campaigns

  • Management of USSD menus related to content services

  • Management of SMS based subscription manager

  • Delivery of content via SMS or USSD


  • IVR, SMS and USSD support

  • Integrated charging module (API and SMS termination based)

  • CAMEL and Diameter support

  • Integrated subscription service manager

  • Easy integration with CMS platforms

  • On-demand and scheduled content delivery

  • Voting module

  • Gaming and quiz support

  • APIs for external applications for user interactions

  • Outbound dialing

  • Comprehensive reporting module

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