Addressing Privacy Challenges with Mylinex Virtual Number

etisalat-content-logoOne of the country’s largest mobile network operators, Etisalat Lanka was established in Sri Lanka in 2010, after acquiring total stake of Sri Lanka’s first cellular network in operation since 1989. Today it is a fully owned subsidiary of UAE based Emirates Telecommunication Corporation, providing not only the widest coverage, but also a host of other Value Added Services (VAS). Etisalat Lanka was serving a network of 3.3 million subscribers in 2014, and was the 3rd largest mobile operator in Sri Lanka, when the company’s VAS Management was looking to introduce an exciting product to the subscriber base.

Challenges Etisalat was looking to address:

The VAS Management zeroed in on some privacy related concerns faced by their subscribers.

  • Fear of publishing personal mobile numbers for business and authentication purposes, with a higher percentage of female subscribers who are insecure about sharing their number with third parties.
  • This leads to people purchasing SIM cards for short periods of time to obtain a number for a specific business purpose, and then discarding the SIM once it is completed.
  • The aggregated cost for each SIM card that includes supply, sales commissions, registrations, storing and maintaining, was affecting the SIM card production supply chain.

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