Mylinex Corporate Bulk SMSC

Why Mylinex Corporate Bulk SMSC?

When SMS messaging became one of the most efficient and fastest ways to reach a wider demography of subscribers, network operators offered the channel to corporates and organizations as a means of marketing. The Mylinex Corporate Bulk SMS Center (SMSC) is a comprehensive enterprise messaging solution developed by Mylinex to:

  • Drive new revenue generation by reaching a wider, targeted demography
  • Optimize the network and efficiently balances resources
  • Integrate seamlessly with other third party applications

How It Works

The Mylinex Corporate Bulk SMSC enables efficient management of high volumes of bulk SMS messages to:

  • Deliver promotional messages to subscribers
  • Receive customer feedback or input on applications hosted by corporate clients
  • Control text message delivery times, time-ranges, and scheduling of messages
  • Deliver multilingual messages
  • Execute SMS-based campaigns (voting for or entering competitions)
  • Integrate easily with third party applications

Additional features include:

  • Capability to send flash messages and Unicode messages to subscribers
  • Transparent recording process with details of SMS messages and their delivery information  
  • Ability to programme automatic replies to campaigns
  • Capacity to bill only for delivered SMS messages, or for all submitted SMS messages
  • Supports online billing and post billing
  • Easy-to-use user interface and advanced display simplifies administration of campaigns


  • User friendly web UI
  • High speed delivery
  • SMS prioritizing
  • Throttling
  • API integration for applications
  • SMPP for applications
  • Flash SMS
  • Unicode SMS support
  • Campaign manager
  • Sender masking
  • Flexible billing (prepaid/postpaid)
  • SMS termination from mobile subscribers
  • Supports Diameter charging
  • Supports CDR file based billing

Our Customers